Our Mission Statement
Wild On The Fly is a premiere fly fishing travel service. Our expertise and passion comes from traveling the planet in search of wild fish on the fly! Our expert staff originates from two legendary fly shops, Bob Marriott's Fly Fishing Store in Fullerton, CA and Kiene's American Fly Fishing Co. in Sacramento, CA, we are built on the foundations of adventure and fly fishing. Whatever species you are looking for - we book the best fly fishing travel destinations in the world. Our combined staff has extensive worldwide travel experience and our collective knowledge allows us to put you in the best locations. Name a place to fly fish and it is likely we have been there!
Our Managing Director, Steve Jensen,has spent years angling for fish across the globe. With travel advisors like Dan Shepherd, who has spent 16 years hosting worldwide travel, legendary fly fisher Bob Marriott who has fished numerable epic locations. All our travel advisors, like Kevin Bell, Tony Reinhardt and Dan Kozel have invaluable passion and experience. Whether it be Golden Dorado in Argentina, Permit in Mexico, Salmon in Alaska or Brown Trout in Montana, you can go Wild On The Fly anywhere in the world!

Meet Our Travel Experts

Steve Jensen - Managing Director
Growing up spin fishing the streams of Northern Utah Steve was always "Haunted by Waters".  While sitting in the waiting room of a doctors office when he was 14 he read an article in Field and Stream about fly fishing.  The article gave birth to a powerful passion that still exists today. 
In 2001 he entered the fly fishing industry when he and childhood friend Dan Shepherd purchased The Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop in Missoula, Montana.  Soon after that he had an opportunity to enter the lodging business and purchased Rainbow River Lodge in Iliamna, Alaska.  He has since created a sister lodge nearby, Iliamna River Lodge.  Both lodges are among the top operations in all of Alaska. 
In 2013 he purchased Bob Marriott's Fly Fishing Store in Fullerton, California and Kiene's Fly Shop in Sacramento, California and recently merged Kiene's with Gary Eblen's American Fly Fishing Co. to create Kiene's American Fly Fishing, Co.
Steve's real passion still has been exploring the world with a fly rod in his hand.  The beautiful places and people you meet while doing this are so amazing and is something he wants to help as many people as possible enjoy. 
Steve and Dan did a two season show on the Outdoor Channel named "Grizzly Hackle's Wild on the Fly".  Now they have turned that brand into a fly fishing adventure travel company and want to invite all to go "Wild on the Fly"!
You can reach Steve at steve@wildonthefly.com
Dan Shepherd - Managing Travel Advisor
Dan has been traveling the world for the last 16 years gaining valuable travel experience in adventure fly fishing. Dan, along with Wild On The Fly Owner, Steve Jensen, has been to exotic locations in search of a variety of species and making important travel contacts.
He has been fly fishing since the early 70’s, has rowed a drift boat since 1988 and loves to guide. Dan has lived and fished in Utah, Idaho and Montana. He has not only fished the western U.S. for trout, but has chased trout in South America, Russia, Alaska, Slovenia and Bosnia.
Dan has also become addicted to saltwater fly fishing and has hosted trips to fish in Mexico, Belize, the Bahamas, Christmas Island, Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, and recently Cuba! He is always looking for new and wild locations to fish.
Dan enjoys sharing these experiences through film and powerpoint presentations, and is always willing to talk fishing! You can e-mail Dan at dan@wildonthefly.com
Bob Marriott - Senior Travel Advisor
Bob Marriott was born and raised in Southern California.  Since 1979 the Bob Marriott’s Flyfishing Store has established itself as the premier fly fishing store in not only Southern California, but also the world! With over 7000 sq. ft. of retail space, a travel center, and thousands of products devoted to the fly fishing enthusiast. 
During the early history of the shop Bob was also fortunate enough to be able to run the exploratory adventures to many new and exciting fly fishing locations in the world, and then be able to share them with so many of our fellow angling enthusiast. 
He still travels to many of those places to this day. Bob’s favorite fish to catch is “anything that bends a rod”.  There are not many fish left on Bob’s bucket list that he hasn’t already caught.  Bob is still at the shop five days a week! He can be reached at bob@wildonthefly.com
Kevin Bell - Travel Advisor
Kevin Bell has been the general manager of Bob Marriott’s Flyfishing Store since 1999 and has worked at Marriott’s for over 25 years. With an FFF casting certification and over 20 years experience teaching fly fishing, he is the senior casting instructor at Marriott’s.
As a young teen, Kevin first began fly fishing in the waters surrounding the eastern sierra. Summers spent chasing after trout throughout Wyoming, Idaho and Montana fueled his fly fishing obsession. An avid adventurer, he has been able to travel to some of the world’s greatest destinations during his tenure with Bob Marriott’s.
He has a degree in commercial photography from Orange Coast College and enjoys photographing the beautiful places fly fishing leads him to. Kevin and his wife and have 3 grown children and reside in nearby Tustin, CA. Kevin can be reached at kevin@wildonthefly.com
Tony Reinhardt - Travel Advisor
Tony was drawn to the outdoors from an early age which eventually led to his migration from the Midwest to the University of Montana in Missoula. 
He began his career in fly fishing at the Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop, first in the shop and then as a full time guide.  Tony has been guiding anglers in Montana since 1998 and became the owner/outfitter of Montana Trout Outfitters in 2010. 
In addition to trout fishing, his other passion is saltwater fly fishing with a serious tarpon addiction.  You can reach Tony at tony@wildonthefly.com
Dan Kozel - Travel Advisor
"Dan is a Travel Advisor for Wild on the Fly. An angler since he could walk, Dan was born and raised in the Mid-Atlantic where he cut his teeth bait fishing for bluegill and smallmouth bass. He was introduced to fly fishing on a Great Lakes steelhead trip and has never looked back.
After years of fishing in the Appalachian Mountains and the historic spring creeks of Pennsylvania, Dan relocated to Missoula Montana to attend graduate school at the University of Montana where he graduated with a degree in Geography.
He has since moved back to the east coast. Dan enjoys pursuing all species on the fly but has recently developed an affliction for the salt.  
He can be reached at dankozel@wildonthefly.com