Destination Overview

If you are looking for trophy tarpon, you need to visit Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge! This is a place to target tarpon up to 200 lbs!


The small completely charming Puebla known as Holbox Island is a fishing community of 1500 souls that live harmoniously in the Yucatan sun. Wild On The Fly has been many times and travel expert Dan Shepherd counts this as an all-time favorite!


You will instantly fall in love with the island and people. No vehicles are allowed, only golf carts on this jewel of an island. The Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge is located on the best part of an already world class, yet undiscovered beach. We have found most of the visitors here are from Europe or are native Mexicans on vacation to this remarkable setting.


The Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge is expertly managed on site by Luciano Govi. Luciano is the ultimate host and will take care of you, from feeding you a wonderful breakfast, pulling a perfect shot of espresso, creating delicious appetizers or recommending the best restaurants for your nightly dinners. Whether it is fresh fish or lobster pizza you desire, Luciano will give you all the details.


Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge is the best lodge we have ever visited for a non-angling spouse or guest. So many attractions, all a safe 10 minute walk, be it the quaint yet vibrant town square , the boutique shops or the endless beach, it is just so inviting. Rent a bike, rent golf cart or just stroll anywhere in this family friendly town.


Look at booking in June, July or August for the largest fish. May and September can also be great! The other parts of the year will  provide ample shots at baby tarpon, but Holbox is known for it’s calm summer waters and huge numbers of big migratory tarpon!

At a Glance
  • Location: Isla Holbox, Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula

  • Target Fish: Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Snook, Barracuda and more

  • Time of Year: Year-round

  • Lodge Capacity: 10 anglers/guests

  • Nearest Airport: Cancun, Mexico

  • Documents Required: Valid Passport. Visas not required for travelers from most countries. Fishing License

Fishing Program

At the very point of the Mexico’s amazing Yucatan Peninsula, an incredible variety of fish travel from the open waters of the Caribbean Sea to the protected waters of the Gulf of Mexico, including the mighty Silver King.


During this migration, exceptionally large trophy Tarpon, up to 200 pounds, feed on the prolific baitfish located just offshore, making them prime targets for our fishing enthusiasts. Working the schools, adjusting to the slow drift of the ocean, line maintenance and spotting your cast will be key to success.


When conditions are right, you may find yourself casting to groups of literally hundreds of one of the world’s truly great game fish, and then it’s simply a matter of “get it out there and hang on!”


Trophy Tarpon

IGFA Record 286 lbs.

Average Weight (Open Water) 70 - 100 lbs.

Trophy Sized Tarpon are found May through September. The Silver King can put on quite a show, spending most of the fight in the air rather than the water. Tarpon are able to live in both salt and fresh water and their strength and stamina are legendary.


These fish will find the weak link in your tackle. Battles of over an hour are not unusual. The guides will put you in areas where tarpon school, easily tipped-off by the fish as they roll at the surface to fill their air bladders.


“Baby” Tarpon

Average Weight (Mangroves) 5 - 40 lbs.

Small tarpon are plentiful year round. The Silver King can put on quite a show for anglers, spending most of the fight in the air rather than the water. While the giant Tarpon require endurance and a bit of luck, our winter season features casting in the mostly protected waters of the mangrove lagoons. 


As your guide “poles” the boat through the shallow water, you’ll spot groups of fish. Along with the Baby Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Snook, Barracuda and more readily take your flies, making each day different from the last. The Mangroves are also available during the summer time and are often a nice break from casting for the big Tarpon.


While the big Tarpon can be intimidating, the ready supply of Juvenile, or “baby” tarpon allow for less experienced anglers to experience the thrill of casting to rising fish and setting the hook in the legendary Silver Kings of the flats.


Fishing Schedule

  • 5:00 am: Wake up to a steaming cup of coffee delivered to your room

  • 5:30 am: Breakfast at the lodge

  • 6:00 am: All day fishing on your boat with a partner and a guide

  • Lunch on the boat between casts.

  • 3:00-ish pm: Back to the lodge after a full day on the water.

  • Afternoon on the beach, massage or exploring the small town.

  • 5:30 pm: Sunset hors d’oeuvres on the lodge deck with free beer and margaritas

  • Evening stroll a few blocks to one of the island’s many restaurants


Boats and Equipment

The fishing boats are seaworthy 18-foot pangas, fully equipped for your comfort and safety. Since there is a limited amount of gear and fishing tackle on the island, it is recommended that anglers bring all rods, reels, flies, and terminal tackle.

Holobox Fly Fishing Lodge


Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge is a beautiful haven on the white sand beach of Holbox, just a five minute walk from the town square. The beachfront location affords privacy, a gentle breeze and a terrace view that will stamp your memory as one of the more unforgettable of your travel career.


The rooms are modern, upbeat and air conditioned. Comfortable lounge furniture is available for deck or sand relaxing and the hammocks allow you to siesta "Island Style.” An outside shower with a Conch Shell spout pours warmish water over sandy feet and a freshwater rod rinsing station helps you care for your gear.


The lodge accepts only a few guests each week so that staff can provide you with personal and professional service. Upon your arrival Lodge Manager, Luciano, will mix your favorite drink and give you details about your schedule, the weather, fishing, wake ups, guides and meals.


Luciano will be your concierge, personal guide to the island, bartender, alarm clock, computer guru and world travelled story teller. He will also be your "go to" guy to solve any last minute fishing issues that always seem to pop up. And he will keep the open cerveza bar well stocked with your favorites.


Dining is always an important part of any vacation and Holbox will not disappoint you. You will be able to watch the daily catch brought in to the beach. The Gulf of Mexico provides superb sea food that are on the menu at the several nearby restaurants – lobster, shrimp, calamari and the freshest of fish.


An Italian presence has been on the island for many years resulting in excellent European cuisine that provides the island’s continental flare alongside the classic Mexican food. A continental breakfast at the lodge will begin each day and lunch is served on the boats on fishing days. Happy Hour at the lodge includes signature hors d-oeuvres. All other meals are on your own in the local restaurants a five minute walk from the lodge.

Getting There

Your trip includes pickup at the airport in Cancun or at your Cancun hotel before 2:00 pm. Private van transfer to the seaport of Chicquila is about 2 - 2 ½ hours through a fascinating, rural countryside.


Once you reach Chiquila, you’ll board a private small boat for the quick transfer to the captivating island of Holbox, with beachfront dropoff at Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge. There you’ll be met by your lodge manager, Luciano.


Once at the lodge, you’ll be pampered by Luciano, who will see to every detail of your experience. Enjoy his famous shots of morning espresso, snook ceviche or lobster quesadillas.


Rates based on double occupancy

The Trophy Tarpon Classic

Choose from 6 day to 2 fishing day versions, complete with transfers from your Cancun hotel.  All day, every day fishing for giant and baby Tarpon during the peak season and baby Tarpon to 40 lbs, Snook and more during the winter season.  Great fishing & hospitality from our lodge right on the perfect white sand beach of Holbox Island.

Summer Season (May-September)

6 Day / 7 Night  $3495 / Person (6 fishing days)

5 Day / 6 Night  $3,095 / Person (5 fishing days)

4 Day / 5 Night  $2695 / Person (4 fishing days)
3 Day / 4 Night  $2195 / Person (3 fishing days)
2 Day / 3 Night  $1595 / Person (2 fishing days)

Winter Season (October-April)

6 Day / 7 Night  $2995 / Person (6 fishing days)

5 Day / 6 Night  $2,695 / Person  (5 fishing days)

4 Day / 5 Night  $2395 / Person (4 fishing days)
3 Day / 4 Night  $1995 / Person (3 fishing days)
2 Day / 3 Night  $1595 / Person (2 fishing days)

Note: Single supplement for Boat & Guide – $200/day.
Note: Fly fishing gear rental available.

Exclusive Solo Angler Trip

The Exclusive Solo Angler is a Tarpon fishing trip for the serious angler that prefers his own boat and guide.  Trip also includes private room at the  lodge.  To top off the first class treatment, the trip also includes 2 beach side massages to work out the kinks after a big day of casting towards some of the finest game fish on the planet, finish the day with our  “nearly world famous” happy hour featuring fresh Ceviche and handmade Margaritas from Luciano.

Summer Season (May – September)

7 Night/6 Day:  $5,995.00 (6 fish days)

5 Night/4 Day:  $4,195.00 (4 fish days)

Winter Season (October – April):

7 Night/6 Day    $4,495.00 (6 fishing days) 

5 Night 4 Day    $3,395.00  (4 fishing days)

The Fish and Beach Combo

The Fish and Beach Combo is a perfect way to juggle fishing and non fishing days for those who don’t want to hit the water every day.  In the winter, we’ll focus on  Baby Tarpon (5-25 pounds) and many other species every other day, and enjoy the magic of the island on your days off.  Your host Luciano will keep a watchful eye on the wind and weather, and work with you to select the best fishing day, and enjoy the beach and Holbox vibe on your non fishing days.

Please note that of course weather is always a variable, and we’ll do our best to take advantage of the best days.  Fishing days need to be determined prior to dinner the night before, for simple logistics.   On days when you are not fishing your host Luciano will help you determine the what activity is the best fit for you.  This is a great trip to focus on the Baby Tarpon of the Mangroves of winter…but it works just as well during the peak summer season for those giant migratory Tarpon as well.  It’s also perfect for folks who want to round up some Jacks, Barracuda, Snook, and still have time to enjoy some relaxed, warm sand, cold beer and Holbox Fun!

Summer Season (May – September)

7 Nights/6 Days (3 fish days):    $2295

5 Nights 4 Days  (2 fish days):    $1995


Winter Season (October – April):

7 Nights/6 Days (3 fish days):     $1995

5 Nights 4 Days  (2 fish days):     $1795

Holbox Beach Bum Trip

The Holbox Beach Bum package is for a Non-Fishing Partner traveling with a paying angler. Enjoy the Island sun and sand while your partner fishes, then reconnect on the Terrazzo overlooking the beach at Happy Hour.  A popular option for guests is to share with 2 couples, with 2 of the folks fishing and 2 enjoying the sun and sand.  Prices listed are for the non-angler and of course do not include the fishing partner.

Summer Season          (May-Sept) $200/night

Winter Season              (Oct-April) $100/night

Holbox Couples Adventure

The Holbox Couples Adventure is the perfect Mexico Couples adventure!  Holbox Tarpon Fishing plus a horseback ride on the sands of Isla Holbox and finally even a massage on the beach to work out those kinks after a great day of casting.  Plus, just enough time scheduled for absolutely nothing at all!  (the lodge is WI-FI ready so grab your favorite book or tablet, sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat and you are all set.)   If you and your significant other love the beach, the sun, casting for amazing wild fish and walking the streets of an undiscovered gem of an island, then the Holbox Couples Adventure is the trip for you.

7 Night / 6 Day:   Year Round            $2,695

5 Night / 4 Day:    Year Round           $2,195

(All prices are “per person” for the couples getaway, and all of our packages)

To book any of our trips give us a call to start the process