Tsimane Agua Negra Lodge

Destination Overview

Tsimane is undoubtedly the best golden dorado fishery on earth.

It is located within the Isiboro Sécure Indigenous Territory & National Park, Bolivia, where the Amazon jungle meets the Andes mountains. The landscape is stunning and its rivers are run clear through the jungle and the mountains, with wading and sight-fishing opportunities that exceed most anglers’ imaginations. The surrounding jungle remains in an absolute virgin state and is one of the most sensual natural expressions of wilderness in the world. 

The rivers are inhabited by the golden dorado and other sport fish from the Amazon basin, such as the pirapitinga or Amazon pacú and the yatorana (pound by pound, one of the strongest fresh-water species). 

Each year a massive migration of golden dorados occurs which can only be compared to the annual runs of Pacific Salmon. Some experts equate it to the great migration of plains game on the African plains. The golden dorado migration follows the upstream movement of the sabalo, a baitfish that spawns in huge numbers in the Amazon basin.

Tsimane blends, like no other jungle destination, the best aspects of a fly fishing experience: sight casting, freestone wet wading, floating lines, majestic vistas, Amazon mountain rivers with clear, virgin waters, and wild big golden dorados everywhere.

Map Coordinates: 16° 1.381‘S / 66° 14.797‘W


At a Glance
  • Target Fish: Golden Dorado, Yatorana, Pacu

  • Location: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

  • Seasons: June through October

  • Lodge Capacity: 4 guests

  • Nearest Airport:  Viru Viru International Airport in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (VVI) 

  • Documents Needed: All visitors to Bolivia should carry a Yellow Fever Vaccine certification. A valid passport is mandatory for entry into Bolivia. You passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of proposed entry into Bolivia is required to enter and depart Bolivia. For most European countries no visa is required. American Citizens: U.S. citizens seeking to enter Bolivia as tourists must have an entry visa. Bolivian tourist visas can be applied for by mail or in person at Bolivian consulates in the U.S., as well as at Bolivian ports of entry, such as at Bolivia's international airports and at land border crossings. Bolivian tourist visas are valid for five years from the date of issuance. The cost of the tourist visa is $165 U.S. dollars. The $165 fee can be paid in cash, by deposit to the Bolivian Consulate's bank account or by money order.

  • Electricity: Generators provide electricity, 220-volts, so be sure to bring the proper adapters depending on your electronic device and country of origin. 

Fishing Program

The attraction of Tsimane and the magnificent Dorado that roam our waters rivers is more than just trying to offer great fishing. The Tsimane and Untamed Angling Team have been lucky enough to fish in many of the World’s greatest fisheries - from the rocky crystal clear waters of Iceland, to the impossibly vast flats of the Seychelles; from the massive Russian Tundra Rivers to the wind-swept lands of Tierra del Fuego and so on.


Of all these wonderful places none of them moves us and represents the true spirit of our adventurous angling souls like the waters of Tsimane. Tsimane is history in the making - something that has never been shown to the world before and we deeply believe that this is the ultimate fly-fishing adventure and experience. This is not a new river in Alaska or in the Amazon, a new destination in Patagonia or another flat lost somewhere in the Indic ocean, this opens a door (one of the last spots yet to be opened) in fly fishing: fly fishing for huge Dorados in small, clear water freestone rivers. Something like fishing for baby tarpon at the Three Dollar Bridgeon the Madison River, but with huge butterflies instead of mayflies flying everywhere.


Fishing in these rivers, regardless of their huge populations of Dorado and their voracious appetites and aggressive natures still offers challenging fishing for the angler since even though Dorado are voracious hunters, they are not easy. They can be spooky and every pool and run must be analyzed and a plan developed with your guide. To be able to shoot 60 feet ofline in a couple false casts and place the fly accurately and at the right time during a feeding frenzy is critical. A powerful and long double haul definitely helps. The flies we use are quite large and most anglers are not used to casting them and might find it difficult to execute accurate and fast casts so we encourage our guests to practice before coming to Tsimane.


It's important to fish “light” equipped with a streamer wallet, a few flies, a spool of mono and another of wire, pliers on your waist and nothing else. The rest of your kit can be left in the boat, which will always be close by. Someone said that Dorados are like Brown Trout with Latin blood – that's not an accurate statement at all. Our rivers are like a typical freestone rivers, with runs and pools and a trout fisherman used to fishing streamers will feel comfortable and will be able to read


Best Fly Fishing seasons:

Fishing is great throughout the relatively short season that runs between June thru October.


Despite the remote location of our lodges and extremely complicated and difficult logistics in supporting our ambitious programs, guest will enjoy world-class service and style. That’s our promise to you.


The Tsimane Agua Negra Lodge’s experience is based on a very comfortable jungle lodge. Each room features double accommodation. Agua Negra operates a lodge located in an unspoiled virgin area close to the junction of Agua Negra and Secure rivers. Agua Negra lodge and their

out-camps are suited for no more than 4 anglers at one time.


The lodge offers comfortable tent cabins with spring box beds, private bathrooms with hot water and electric light. Every evening guest will be delighted by our delicious International Cuisine paired great Argentinean Varietals in a well fashioned living and dining room. We offer satellite Internet wireless connection and phone service for all our guests.


Generators provide electricity, 220-volts, so be sure to bring the proper adapters, depending on your electronic device and country of origin. You can charge batteries and use an electric shavers or hair dryers if you like with the system we have in place. We are very sensitive and conscious about sustainability and we incorporate solar panels for hot water production. Electric Power is available from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 .am.

We provide laundry service at the lodge at no additional cost. Just leave your clothes on the bathroom floor, and they will be return washed and folded.

On Site Amenities and Activities include:
  • Phone Service

  • Satellite Internet 

  • Laundry Service

  • Small Fly Shop

  • International Cuisine

Getting There

Tsimane's operational area is about 125 miles (200km) from the Capital City La Paz and 270 miles (470 km) from Santa Cruz de la sierra Tsimane’s base point and the most important city in the Country.There are several different travel options to arrive to Santa Cruz’s Viru Viru International Airport with daily flights from Miami (American Airlines), San Pablo (Tam, Gol and Boliviana), Buenos Aires (Aerolineas Argentinas and Boliviana), Panama (Copa), Lima (Taca) and Europe (Air Europe). Most airlines offer direct connections to all major airports throughout the world.

2018 Rates

Agua Negra Lodge weekly program:

Seven (7) nights/ six (6) days fishing:  $5,380. per person based on double occupancy. 

Non-Angler rate: $4,000

Single angler/occupancy: $8,877

2019 Rates

Secure Lodge weekly program:

Seven (7) nights/ six (6) days fishing:  $5,800. per person based on double occupancy. 

Non-Angler rate: $4,500

Single angler/occupancy: $9,550


  • 2 nights at 5 star hotel in Santa Cruz 

  • Ground transfers in Santa Cruz upon arrival

  • Charter flights – Santa Cruz – Lodge – Santa Cruz 

  • 6 full days fishing with 1 pro guide and 2 local guides per 2 anglers

  • 7 nights at Tsimane Agua Negra Lodge

  • All inclusive meals and beverages and on the camps.

Not included:

  • International Flights • Meals and Beverages in Santa Cruz Hotel

  • Fly fishing tackle

  • Tips and gratuities

  • Trip insurances, Visas, Airport taxes, and Indian Communities and National Park’s Fees.


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